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It would be lovely to know what you all think about Addicted! It’s always good to have a feedback so I can continue to write :D

"Addicted" - Prologue (Harry Styles mine series)

It wasn’t a secret that the new One Direction tour was going to be featuring some dancers to the show. Management decide that it was a good idea to cheer up the crowd and the boys would have a lot more of fun on stage. The boys loved the idea and all of them were super excited to go on stage with the girls as soon as possible. Although management made all clear that they were hiring 5 girls, they didn’t bother to say who they were until first day of tour. 

Good surprise to 4 of the boys. Bad surprise to one.

“I’m pretty sure you are going to like the girls!” Paul said to the boys while leading them to the backstage “They are eager to start the show and can’t wait to meet you all. But you are going to have a surprise with one of them” Paul winked to the boys and opened the door where the girls were.

First to enter the room was Liam, then Niall followed by Louis. Then Zayn and the last one was Harry. But there were standing only four girls.

“Where’s the fifth one?” Paul asked

“She’s in the bathroom across the corridor. This one is not working well” A blonde girl said and shake the boys’ hands. “I’m Jessica by the way.” She smiled and the other three girls came to introduce themselves. Jessica. Isabela. Claire. Mia. And… of course all the boys hugged all of them. They were gorgeous girls and they are not fool to let this pass.

“So, I guess the surprise is in the bathroom. You are going to wait a little longer” Paul smiled and left the room.

“Would you mind if we stay here while our “surprise” arrive?” Niall asked and the girls nodded.

“Of course you can stay. I think she’s not going to last there. Anyway, we all are so excited to start the show but we are way more to see your faces when you see her” Claire giggled and sat on the sofa next to Harry.

“So, do you have everything right? Need some help?” Zayn asked.

“Yeah, if you need something just tell us. We’ll try to find a way to fix it” Liam said and the girls smiled.

“Everything is good for now. We are trying to accept the fact that we have One Direction as our bosses but… we are going to be good.” Mia said and everyone in the room laughed.

“The laugh is good here but I really have to go to the bathroom.” Harry said and got up.

“You’ll have to go to the bathroom across the corridor, this one is not flushing.” Jessica said and Harry sighed.

“All the bathrooms are like that here. I’ll go back there and will be back in a minute.”

And then he left the room. 3.45 seconds later Claire stoop up and ran out of the room.

“What is going on?” Louis asked and Mia gasped.

“Oh my God. He’s not supposed to see the other girl. Paul made it clear to us to not left Harry and Emma alone.” Jessica said and all of them stoop up.

“Em…Emma Tomlinson?” Louis asked.

“Damn, I screw up the surprise.” Jessica said and slapped her forehead.

“My sister is here?” Louis almost yelled and all the girls nodded.

“Why the hell Paul didn’t tell me before? It’s been 5 months since I last saw here.”

“So why don’t you stop talking and go after her to save our backstage from a big messy fight?” Zayn said and pushed Louis out of the room. Being followed by all of the girls and the other boys.

They all ran down the corridor until find Harry and Emma staring at each other in front of the bathroom.

“So… we can see that you found each other.” Zayn said and Louis sighed behind him.

“I don’t get half of the story here but I guess it’s not good.” Mia said and Niall smiled to her.

“Emma only told us part of the story. The only thing we know is that she don’t get along so well with him.” Jessica whispered. While Emma and Harry were locked to the ground, staring at each other with flaming eyes and their hands closed in fist.

“So well? They don’t get along at all.” Liam whispered to the girls and Niall almost drown laughing.

“Hey sis!” Louis tried to talk to her but he knew that it was impossible since they were in a state of mind that if anyone said a word to them they would be able to punch that person right in the face.

“Not now Louis. Let me get some things straight with this friend of yours. Them I’ll hang out with you.”

“Don’t do anything that you’ll regret Emma, please.” Louis sighed and Zayn patted Harry’s back.

“C’mon man, we have a show to do. You can talk later.” Zayn said and grabbed Harry’s arm.

“No. I want to know who had this fucking idea to hire her.”

“I bet who hired me knows that I’m good. Better than you, of course.”

“Wake up from your dream. Someone must be really insane to hire you. I’m sure you are going to screw up this tour.”

“ENOUGH! I can’t take this anymore!” Liam said. “It’s been four years since you two met. And four fucking years of fighting. I bet this you two are sexually frustrated.”

“Say it again Liam.” Harry said and Emma rolled her eyes.

“I’m gonna say it a lot of times. You two are sexually frustrated. And I don’t want to be near you when you two realize it” Liam said and left, ready to go to the stage.

“I don’t really have anything to say at all. But I guess Liam is right.” Niall smiled and left with Mia and Claire, who just smiled shyly.

“And you come with me little sister. We have a lot of things to talk. I won’t let you stay here with the possibility of punching my best mate in the face and the other way.” He looked to Harry and mouthed a ‘talk to you later’.

“Just the three of us then…” Zayn said and Jessica smiled. “C’mon Harry. Let’s go to the dressing room to calm our nerves down.”

A/N: This is the prologue of a mini series based on some One Direction songs that I like the most and I think that end up in a good story. In the meantime, I dedicate this mini series to my dear friend onedirection-writergirl who I made a lot of promises to write new stuff and never post. So… thanks for being a best friend that I want to carry my whole life and thanks for always being here and there when I need. xx

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