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Andrew Garfield or Louis Tomlinson


Zayn Malik or Nick Jonas

WHYYYY? That was mean. Hahahahaha. Can I have Zick?

Liam Payne or Justin Timberlake

Damn. This is hard. Too many 1D and N’sync feelings. But I guess I’ll go with Liam. :D

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Siblings (Louis imagine)


Today was my mum’s wedding. I was a bit nervous, being the best man is something huge on your own mum’s wedding. She was marrying Dan, a lovely guy I met a while ago, before I went on tour. He is everything my mum needed, he is caring to her, lovely to my sisters and I’m glad he is the one to make her happy, so I’m honored to be the best man of their wedding. Unfortunately, I didn’t had much time to talk to them on their big day. You know, a lot of pictures being taken with them, a lot of people to say hi… so I just gave up, gave them a hug and went to find some beer to drink. I sat down a bit, looking at my mum and her now husband, seeing how happy they were feeling. Until Lottie and Fizzy came to talk to me.

“You look like horrible sitting here being all sad on our mum’s wedding” Lottie said.

“You should go out there on the field and take some good fresh air” Fizzy said and smiled to me.

The thing was, I broke up with Eleanor a couple months ago and still feeling a bit sad about it. She was a good girl and missed being with her. But I knew it was the best for us before we start fighting too much.

“I was wondering if mum and Dan introduced you to his daughter Y/N.” Fizzy said. I remembered Dan once said me he had a daughter named Y/N who was about my age. And I realized I hadn’t actually met her.

“Not at all. Is she here?” I asked to my sisters.

“She is out there. You should go meet here. She’s lovely and have such beautiful eyes. You would love to see them.” Lottie said and I stood up ready to go outside.

“We love to see you happy Louis. Don’t do this to you anymore ok? It’s painful to see you feeling bad about something we knew you didn’t like it anymore. We bet Y/N is a good girl to talk to, maybe you two get along well.” Fizzy winked at me and Lottie smiled.

“Thanks for being here when I need. You are everything to me. Most important thing in my life.” I hugged both of them together and gave a peck on each heads. “I love you”

“We love you too” they said together and went to the candy table while I was going outside.


I sat on a bench, near a clear lake that had on that property. Of course I didn’t find any girl. I didn’t even know how she looked like, so I obviously gave up after 3 minutes looking through the people that was outside.

“A hug to your thoughts…” a girl said behind me and I turned around to see her. It was obvious that she was Dan’s daughter. She had his smile and it was that kind of thing that you can’t miss out. “May I join you on this bench?” she asked pointing to where I was seated.

“Yeah, course.” I rubbed the back of my neck and she smiled.

“So… You are the famous Louis Tomlinson, huh?”

“Guess so… my band is get….”

“Not about the band. Of course everyone knows One Direction. I’m talking about only you.” She cut be halfway my phrase.

“What do you mean?” I sat beside and took a sip of my beer.

“Well, I came to stay with my dad 2 days ago and stayed at your house. So, let’s say that all your four sisters didn’t shut up their mouths a minute about you.” She said smiling and I gasp.

“Oh, don’t you say? I hope it was something good, though.”

“The best things ever. Don’t worry.” She winked at me and led her sight to the lake in front of us.

“Dan doesn’t shut up about you to me everytime I call him.” She smiled so brightly and I must say that it was lovely seeing her like that. “And I have to admit that he wasn’t lying about you being a truly beauty.” I smiled and her face turned a bright shade of red.

“Don’t believe on things my dad says about me. I’m even worse.” She smiled malevolently and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was the same smiled I had when I was up to no good.

“Wish I could discover more about that side of yours.” I said and she turned to me.

“I have a feeling that we are going to be good half brother and sister.”

“What do you think about we decide our “naming thing” after? Cause I have a feeling we could be more than that someday.” I smiled and she went bright red again. I smiled even more, thinking about I made her shy two times in a single conversation.

“Sounds good to me.”

I stood up, gave my hand to her and we went inside to spend more time with our family. I didn’t let of her hand a single time, cause for some reason it gave a warm feeling that my heart needed that time. 

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